How We Came to Be

77 Years strong

The Year was 1941. The town was Turlock. Paul Bonander was a young man working in the paint department at Youngdale's Hardware Store. He had a vision and a Entrepreneurial spirit. He wanted to be a business owner. He opened Paul's Paint Store at 243 W. Main St. Paint, Wallpaper, & Glass This is how it all started! He and his wife Burl ran the family business for many years.His son, Mike, was born about the same time. in the mid 1970's, after working with his mom and dad from the age of 15, mike and his wife Roylene brought the business from them and proceeded to run it for 30 years.My name is Patrick Jensen. I started working at Paul's Paint and Glass in 1983 after school as a junior at Turlock High. I worked there for 10 years, venturing off in 1993 in pursuit of my own vision. This came full circle and led back to the purchase of Paul's Paint and Glass in 2006. Although purchased by myself, my wife Andrea and Craig and Lori Anderson as Partners in 2006, we split the business in 2008.The Anderson Family now owns Paul's Paint Store and I, along with a great crew and family, run Paul's Glass Co. The way I look at it, if Paul's Bonander had not had the vision, spirit and guts to do his own thing in 1941 then 14 local families would not have their jobs now in 2015. You never know what decisions you might make now that will affect families 74 years later.My hats off to Paul, Burl Mike and Roylene for carrying it through and passing it off to us.We love Turlock and we love being part of one of the oldest "family" run businesses in town.